Storyteller and Musician

Karen has always felt stories and music are an intrinsic part of her. Most of her Living History and other programs contain aspects of both. Learn more about her Storytelling, Music and Sing-Along Programs.


Karen. loves searching out new tales to tell, be they classic lore and traditional tales that have stood the test of time, or new stories. Some of her favorite collections include:

Things that Go Bump in the Night

Rip-roaring, Rollicking and Down-right Ridiculous Tall Tales


Knights, Ladies, and a Dragon or Two

Love, or Something Like It

Got another topic you’d like for your program? Contact Karen! She’s got lots of other stories at the ready, and is always on the lookout for new tales!

Want to learn more about storytelling? Talk to Karen! She loves teaching storytelling workshops!


Growing up in a household filled with song, music has always been a part of Karen’s life. Drawing on her experiences as a K-12 music educator, she incorporates music and sing-alongs into many of her presentations, often bringing along folk instruments such as autoharp, mountain dulcimer, concertina, lap harp or penny whistle. She is presently a pianist for Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma, a church musician, and interim director of the Rainier Ringers Community Handbell Ensemble.

Sing-Along Programs

With her experience in the classroom and leading choirs, it was just natural for Karen to add Sing Along programs to her repertoire. These lively programs blend songs through the years with fascinating historic trivia.

Keep Calm and Carry a Song
Celebrate the songs that kept the G.I.s jiving and the home front hopeful through WWII. 

Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Everyone loves a love song!

Make a Joyful Noise
Songs that have inspired people through the years.